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In December 2019 Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage, was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is regarded as ‘part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare.’ 


Nuad Thai originated in a distant time and in humble beginnings, when its techniques were developed to help revitalise and relieve aching farm workers. As time passed these techniques grew into an approved source of knowledge which today is taught in temples, colleges, universities and hospitals.

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The journey of Thamma Thai Wellness

The journey of Thamma Thai Wellness began in 2011 when Moonie launched Traditional Thai Massage by Moonie. This evolved into Thamma Thai Wellness when our business opened in Lochwinnoch in 2020.

Moonie is a passionate advocate of traditional Thai massage (Nuad Thai) and its healing capabilities. Born into the tradition within her Thai family and culture, she remembers learning how to massage her grandparents when she was small, regularly helping to ease their aches and pains, using natural remedies to cure various illnesses, and practising meditation and mindfulness to become fully part of everyday life. Moonie could see, even as a young girl, that Nuad Thai gave people a better quality of  life. The three pillars (Nuad Thai, natural remedies, and meditation) form what is now known as Traditional Thai Medicine. Through extensive formal study, Moonie has developed her skills further, and deepened her understanding of the importance of Nuad Thai not only in Thai culture, but also in the part it can play in healing and improving the wellbeing of everyone, no matter where they’re from. 

When Thamma Thai Wellness opened in July 2020, Moonie was moving closer to one of her main goals: to  pass on her knowledge and skills to more people while promoting within the community the belief that all humankind should prioritise health over everything else, and encouraging people to be mindful, aware, of what our bodies and minds are telling us. Nuad Thai plays an important role in this. 

Our services at Thamma focus on treatments for health, aches and pains, chronic conditions, body realignment, blood circulation, prevention of injuries, and energy flow, as well as helping with relaxation and stress relief. We also try to identify connections between people’s experiences and the teachings of Buddha (Dharma or Thamma in Thai).

Through experience we have developed treatments which integrate conventional and alternative Nuad Thai approaches with the aim of resolving problems and preventing their recurrence. Our ultimate goal is to promote a mindful and optimal health philosophy to our customers and within the community.    


We at Thamma would like to be part of your journey towards health and mindfulness.

Give us a chance, let do this together!

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