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About Us


In December 2019 Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage, was inscribed on

UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It is regarded as ‘part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare.’ 

Nuad Thai originated in a distant time and in humble beginnings, when its techniques were developed to help revitalise and relieve aching farm workers. As time passed these techniques grew into an approved source of knowledge which today is taught in temples, colleges, universities and hospitals.

Thamma Thai Wellness


Traditional Thai Massage by Moonie was established in Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire in 2011. It started small but has grown year on year through word-of-mouth recommendations. This journey has led us to our new premises in Lochwinnoch, and with our new premises comes our new name, Thamma Thai Wellness. 




Growing up in Thailand, I remember learning how to massage my grandparents when I was small, regularly helping to ease their aches and pains; I could see even then that nuad Thai gave people a better quality of  life. Through formal study, I developed my skills further, and deepened my understanding of the importance of nuad Thai in our culture, the part it plays in healing and in improving our wellbeing. My philosophy is that we have to prioritise our health over everything else and we should be mindful, aware of what our bodies and minds are telling us.


Learning nuad Thai and its associated therapies is not a finite task; I continue to study to this day. I attend courses in Europe and have regular discussions with my nuad Thai teachers in Germany and Thailand. I also collaborate closely with Thai massage therapists in Europe and this provides invaluable support to my learning. As I have gained experience I have been fortunate to receive invitations to devise and teach courses and workshops on different elements of nuad Thai.


Through my learning, training and experience, I have developed treatments which integrate conventional and alternative approaches with the aim of resolving problems and preventing their recurrence. My ultimate goal is to promote a mindful and optimal health philosophy to my customers and within the community.

Training Courses


The training courses we offer are run in association with our master,

Tan Thaimassage Trainings Centre, Nuremberg, Germany.








Tanapatr Warasomboon (Ajarn Tan) is a traditional Thai massage trainer accredited to the Thai Ministry of Public Health. He is also one of the European traditional Thai massage trainers recognised by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.