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Pop-in Seated Massage

Available every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 4pm

No booking required

Seated Thai De-Stress

15 mins - £16     30 mins - £32  

Using a combination of techniques to alleviate neck and shoulder tension and including stretching and a relaxing head massage, this seated massage is an effective way to shake off the toils of the week.


Traditional Thai massage therapies tailored to your wellbeing


Thamma Signature Therapy

Individualised treatment for specific needs

1 hour - £58    90 mins - £80    2 hours - £106    

The Thamma Signature Therapy combines Royal Thai massage, traditional Thai massage (Nuad Thai) and advanced therapeutic acupressure to focus on the cause of the problem. This therapy is primarily given to remedy specific issues related to bad posture, full body M.O.T.,(repetitive) overuse of muscles, sporting injuries, and chronic conditions. After an initial consultation, a bespoke treatment is designed to alleviate your condition. The treatment ends with post-treatment individualised rehabilitation guidance.

Nuad Thai has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  

*We recommend at least a 90-minute session if you have more than one issue. Similarly, this is required for those looking for a full body M.O.T. or posture correction.

*Although a single treatment may be enough to address the issue, follow-up sessions may sometimes be advised:

30 mins - £35     45 mins - £48    

1 hour - £58       90 mins - £80

*Thamma Thai Wellness provides loose-fitting clothes for our treatments, but customers can bring their own if they want.


Nuad Thai - Traditional Thai Massage

A general Thai yoga massage which relieves stress

and improves flexibility and balance

90 mins - £80    2hours - £106

Rejuvenating and relaxing treatment 

1hour - £58      90 mins - £80      2hours - £106

Nuad Thai has its roots in traditional Thai medicine and uses acupressure, manipulation and gentle yoga-like stretching to enliven the energy lines along the body and ease stress, aches and pains. It is known for relieving muscle tension, increasing energy levels, balancing the body’s energy, boosting the circulatory and immune systems, and improving flexibility. These are some of the immediate positive outcomes from Nuad Thai, but further benefits can be gained from having this treatment on a regular basis, and as such can help sportspeople and those with physically demanding lifestyles to maintain performance levels and prevent injury. People with problems related to more sedentary lifestyles can also benefit from this treatment. Although Nuad Thai is a general treatment, it can be as relaxing as you wish, tailored as it is to your own requirements.

Nuad Thai has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

*Thamma Thai Wellness provides loose-fitting clothes for our treatments, but customers can bring their own if they want.

Thamma Energy Flow & Rebalance

Individualised energy flow treatment 

1 hour - £65     90 mins - £90    

With mindfulness as the key element, this unique treatment is a combination of powerful breathing exercises and traditional Thai massage techniques, together with energy sharing throughout the session. 

*Thamma Thai Wellness provides loose-fitting clothes for our treatments, but customers can bring their own if they want.

Thai De-Stress
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing treatment for relieving the tensions of modern life

30 mins - £32   1 hour - £58

The Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is the perfect way to relieve tension, both physical and mental. The massage uses various techniques to reduce muscle tightness in the shoulders and neck and includes a relaxing head massage to lower stress levels.


The Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is a traditional and natural remedy for an all-too-common modern condition.


Thai Foot & Leg Massage

A general treatment including reflexology

to promote health and well being

1 hour - £58  

The Thai Foot Massage incorporates a combination of techniques, including the use of acupressure points (Thai Reflexology) on the feet, massage and leg stretching. Improved blood circulation and reduced muscle tension are some of the benefits of this treatment. 

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