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Lochwinnoch Regatta 2023 @Castle Semple Loch
Saturday 20th May 2023


Pop-up Regatta Extravaganza!

The biggest regatta in Scotland is just on our doorstep and this year we’re supporting it; thanks to the organisers of the Castle Semple Regatta, CSRC, for giving us this amazing apportunity.

Our Thamma team popped up at Castle Semple Loch with a massage table and chair to demonstrate the amazingly adaptive quality of traditional Thai massage as we provide 15-minute head, neck and shoulder treatments for rowers, spectators and the occasional dog walker!

It was lovely to see you all - such amazing vibes during the races, the cheering voices, exciting moments, and a calm energy all around the place. We loved every minute. Thanks again to the Castle Semple Regatta team - you guys are amazing!


See you again next year!

Wellbeing fair @Lochwinnoch Feel Good Festival
Saturday 17th September 2022 


We’re part of Lochwinnoch’s first ever Wellbeing Fair on Saturday 17th September from 12.30pm - 4pm, and we’ll be offering visitors some tasty options:


Health consultations with our Master: if you have an injury or chronic condition or any health issues, come and talk with Master Tan about traditional Thai therapy options. Master Tan is an exceptional Thai massage healer with many years’ experience.


Meet our talented fellow therapist and friend, Jee, a Thai massage practitioner from Germany, who recently participated in this year’s European and World Massage Championships in Germany and Denmark.


Take the weight off and enjoy a mini traditional Thai massage OR a seated Thai De-stress (head, neck and shoulder) massage from one of our team.


Just pop along and talk to us and, if you brave enough, have a try on an incredibly effective device which comes to us from ancient times.

Mindfulness of the body with Master Tan
Thursday 15th September 2022 


Ancient techniques for developing our awareness of the present moment


“I have learned that you can apply meditation to your daily activities & that I don't have to sit cross-legged which I can only achieve for short periods!”


“I have learned the importance of keeping the spine erect particularly when sitting and smiling!!!!


This workshop is led by Master Tan, a Traditional Thai Massage healer and teacher based in Germany. It will give participants the opportunity to learn about and practise some of the foundations of meditation originating from the Buddha’s teaching, the most popular and researched form of meditation in the West. These foundations will help us to become present in our daily lives and  aware of our most everyday actions, understanding the sense of how meditation philosophy is applicable to each part of your daily life. You will learn more about the potential for meditation we all have within ourselves and how to acknowledge your body through meditation.


Freeform workshop type: The workshop has been run in different countries and it has been adapted to suit individual needs. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the workshop is also designed to suit all levels.

Be My Guest @Thamma
 13th - 14th September 2022 


Looking for connections our lives with Master Tan:

a freeform discussion and Q&A session 


Gather round for an evening of sharing aspects of our lives in these changing times.

This open session involving Master Tan, a Thai massage healer and teacher based in Germany (He is a teacher of Moonie and Nan from Thamma Thai Wellness) The discussion will touch on the relevant aspects of Dhamma which can alter how we respond to the experiences life brings us.


“Buddhism is not a religion but rather,

a way of life - the challenges of being alive” 

We are delight and grateful to welcoming our Master to our lovely village on his 3rd times of visiting Scotland. His journey of life through his practicing and learning of ancient arts of Traditional Thai Medicine in our body, mind and soul are reached the conclusion of how we can cope and live with any obstruction in life. 

Lochwinnoch Gala day @Thamma 
Saturday 11th June 2022 


My Mother and Me @Thamma 
Sunday 27th March 2022

So happy and excited to present the latest incarnation of our popular couples event on Mothers' Day

You and your wonderful mum will get a taste of the traditional Thai way of life, where health and wellbeing are at the heart of things, and be treated together to our special couples massage to one of our treatments. 


  • Top-to-toe rejuvenating and relaxing full body massage 

  • Thai De-stress (Head, Neck & Shoulder) massage 

  • Thai foot (reflexology) and leg massage 


Each treatment includes our use of hot herbal compresses.

Spaces are limited, and we’re working on a first come, first served basis: 

AND on the same day

In conjunction with the Lochwinnoch Feel Good Festival, we invite you…


Pop in with your mum for a 15 minute Thai Head, Neck and Shoulder seated massage

15 minutes, £10 pp

No booking required. First come, first served

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