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Everyne More

I had an excellent detoxing and clearing Thai Massage today. Thank you Moonie your reputation precedes you and it was a real pleasure meeting you at long last. I will make sure to book again and recommend to my friends.

I cannot adequately express how amazing Moonie is or how helpful her practice is for such a wide range of issues. Her treatment and teaching have helped my chronic back problems and taught me so much about my own body. But she has also helped me recover from chronic fatigue. I have learned a lot from her about health and well-being generally. Moonie is constantly extending her own skills and developing further knowledge. For me her treatments offer a complete physical and emotional reset required for coping with the strains of a busy life and hormonal fatigue. I feel very lucky to have found her.

Tori Bell

I have been attending Moonie for over 10 years, I have always found her to be very professional in her work and she manages to provide a great deal of relief from my ever growing list of ailments. 

Fred Howe

9 Years ago, Moonie identified the best approach to treat my arthritis, as I believe that Thai therapy has a natural ability to heal any ailment through manual manipulation reducing pain, discomfort and inflammation. The results are improving the quality of my life.

Kevin McGoldrick

I've been seeing Moonie for over 8 years and have recommended her to family, friends and clients and can't recommend her highly enough.... Fantastic massage, lovely person and very professional, if you haven't tried Thai massage then it's a must !!! Come and see this woman, she is fab ❤️

I have been seeing Moonie on a regular basis for years now and I have to say I feel so much better. I very rarely get a sore head, my body is strong and I enjoy our little chats afterwards. Highly recommend x

Angela Austin

Debbie Millan

Great treatment for the body and soul.

Vickie Hood

Had a massage a month ago to try and sort a shoulder problem I'd had for months. I expected to need several visits, but after one treatment the pain disappeared. Had the next session booked, so will keep going to improve neck, shoulders and back.

Jackie Chree

Just a little 'Thank You' for my treatment yesterday. I did not know what to expect, but it was a unique and most enjoyable experience, both physical and emotionally. You projected a confidence and calmness, which, with the ambience of the room, relaxed me completely. It took me back to my childhood, surrounded by my six brothers and sisters.

No aches and pains at the moment.

A. McKenzie (89 years young)

I have just had the most amazing treatment from Moonie. It was unique and thoroughly enjoyable. I have never experienced a treatment like it. She is such a lovely professional lady. I fell so lucky I have found her. If you haven’t tried her treatments it’s a must. Thank you so much. Next appointment booked!

Carolyn Mcwilliam

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